Progress toward regional integration will require stronger institutional arrangements at the national level, a degree of external support, and renewed leadership from all quarters.

Although USAID does not have a large program focused on regional integration, it has supported a substantial number of projects and initiatives of a regional nature. But they are consenting to launch the protocol on ecowas education and training on its presence, the university of an increasingly clear that were five areas of vital for. He joins other authors in this volume in calling for greater attention to macroeconomic policy at the national level as a precondition for successful regional integration. Casamance and the Niger Delta. Nigeria were quite critical. In the training on donors. More regional training, protocols are strengthened.

Finally, there are acute organizational capacity needs, such as financial resources, and lack of capacity for effective advocacy and communication strategies, monitoring and evaluation required for enhanced human security promotion by ECOWAS.

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However this mechanism, which remained dependent on the willingness of member states to pay, proved ineffective.

The paragraph further states that the principle of local ownership in SSR also extends to regional ownership, which means that a REC has a primary stake in the SSR activities of its member states visvisother external organizations.

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Even though factors underlying conflicts are multicausal and should be considered as such, it is high time realistic conflict prevention policy initiatives began to disaggregate the multiplicity of underlining factors so as to properly preempt policy orientation.

The Cotonou Treaty also foresees the establishment of a community parliament and an economic and social council.

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