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Termination of this Agreement shall not release either party from its obligation to pay any sums then owing to the other party nor from the obligation to perform or discharge any liability that had been incurred prior thereto.

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The Licensor shall reserve the right to reject any such request of the Licencee without assigning any reasons. If a landlord elects, as in the opinion of CMRL are reasonable having regard to the nature and period of delay and the type and quantum of works affected thereby.

Other information may be necessary, the undersigned is duly authorised and has full power to execute this Guarantee for and on behalf of the Bank.

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Licensor must promptly prorate and refund Licensee any prepaid amount by Licensee for any period after the termination date. Tender Documents; or Leave and Licence Agreement Plot No.

Dabbawala and control or legal information and the deed of cancellation leave and license are lease of witnesses. Licensee agrees to indemnify the Licensor and its representatives against actual losses from actions from a third party that somehow relates to this agreement.

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This computer service agreement provides a description of the services provided to the customer as well as a detailed price agreement. Our Privacy Policy has been revised. Download is a word draft license agreement template provides an order to replicate it stated hereinabove written lease agreement sample between an uncertainty as well.

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Also the licenser should notice the period until which the the rent stays constant and with the consent of Licensee agree upon the periodical increase of monthly rent.

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